Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just Random

Morning Loves, 

As I start my morning (after a 8 hr shift ), I like to relax.  I guess something like meditation I like to just have quiet time to myself and think your rings through for the rest of the day.  Now being a mother if you are I know you understand how difficult they can be.  When my kids were smaller I would go into my closet and try to take at least 15 minutes to myself and just see if their prey maybe listen to some slow jazz music I just absolutely complete  quietness.  I don't know why a deal maybe because I grew up as an only child and I'm used to having my every day morning it's just me getting up and getting myself dressed my mother was already at work and my dad was as well so it would just be me getting dressed me having the whole house to myself and I used to there and enjoyed it very much so.  Anyhow as a teenager this was also time for me to go raid my mother's closet