Wednesday, November 19, 2014


For the last few years I have been obsessed with makeup.. Like I don't wear a lot of it. But I love it. I don't have a favorite brand, I try not to be a brand whore. I like anything from hair store lipstick and brand name department store brand.  However lately I have been stuck on NYX products.  Now if don't know anything about their product, I suggest you get so. It's not expensive at all. I think I paid like $6 for lipstick.  And let me tell you best damn lipstick for the cost.  It stays on for a while. I personal like the matte lipstick, Aria(MLS30) is my fav. I mean it stays on all day. Normally I wear lip-gloss, but this color is rich and long lasting how can you not wear it .. I found the color because I wanted to do an ombré matte lip. I found this look on Pinterest. I went to Ulta and they have a great selection of NYX products. I knew I didn't want to pay to much just in case I didn't like the look. So I knew NYX was the way to go.  After sitting there for about 12 minutes, I got to work. I was at awe with the variety of colors they have. They had everything from Matte, Cream and Satin. I knew this was a matte look so that what I focused on(even if I seen 1000 other things I wanted to get).  After going back and forward with a couple of other colors I found what I was looking for.